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What People Are Saying

Jeanne Marzullo, Practice Administrator – Bay Area Oral Surgery

“I cannot say enough about how great these meetings have been! Pam has mastered the perfect balance of lecture and team breakouts. Thank you again (Pam) for giving us the tools to elevate our practice.”

Ward Muller, President – Hydro Technologies

“Pam has provided an invaluable service to our team and Hydro Technologies. Though sales had never been better, the company had fallen into a rut that sometimes can occur when employees work together for a long period of time. There is a tendency to drift toward a familial dynamic that can make it easier for internal tension to bubble over and start to effect meal and operations. Pam has helped us tremendously in our ability to ‘reset’ and instill an atmosphere of professionalism and respect. I have asked her to conduct FOUR whole team meetings and several individual breakouts to focus on areas that we can improve. I will continue to use Pam as one of the most powerful tools I have in my bag and would highly recommend her to anyone considering her services.”

Rhonda Rogers, Practice Administrator
Comprehensive Pain & Rehabilitation, Fairhope, AL

“Pam Denham makes a difference in every life she touches. We were so blessed and fortunate to have Pam do a series of customer service training sessions with our entire staff. Her preparation and content is unsurpassed, but most importantly, Pam engages with the audience in a way that allows them to relate to the information and apply it not only to their everyday work but also extending it to life lessons that can be used daily.”

Positive behavior and operational changes for employees

“Pam deeply values relationships. She has the heart of a teacher and truly cares that her message results in positive behavioral and operational changes in each individual. Pam presented our team with handouts, homework and follow up discussions to ensure the lessons were carried forward. She was available to each team member for one-on-one counsel and training, which was impressive and effective. Pam’s enthusiasm, passion for teaching and training is so refreshing. She has such a gift for relating to her audience as her presentation is confident, prepared, engaging and approachable.”

Sensitivity training set staff member ‘on a path for success’

“Pam also served our practice by designing and implementing a one-on-one program of sensitivity training with one of our managers who had difficulty with human resources management. Pam’s content, gifted teaching skills and excellent relational and follow up skills made an impact in the life of our manager and set her on a path for success.”

‘Extraordinary Leader’

“Pam is one of the most incredible women you will ever meet. Your company will be blessed and wise to expose your staff to her gifted teaching. I have attended many, many leadership classes and have been exposed widely to leadership training. Pam is one of the most extraordinary leaders I have ever met! You cannot go wrong by partnering with Pam Denham!!!”

Sonya L. (Clark) Cole, Ed.D
Director, Professional Readiness Engagement Program - PREP
Assistant Professor of Management
Mitchell College of Business, University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL

Training future business professionals

“If you are looking for your next dynamic and engaging speaker, look no further than Pamela Denham of Pamela Denham and Associates! I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Denham on assisting the Mitchell College of Business at the University of South Alabama in its mission to train business students to be future successful professionals. She has answered my call every time, regardless of her schedule and her support has been invaluable.”

“This lady is worth every penny!”

“Pamela has been the featured guest speaker in business classes, as well as having conducted interviews with our students during multiple mock interview weeks. The students have given her outstanding evaluations. Most importantly, the time and care she puts into mentoring each student is what keeps me calling her back. Marketing is her profession, but people and building symbiotic relations is her thing! Don’t take my word for, here are a few testimonials from our students: ‘She was energetic and fun!’ ‘She gave great advice about interviews and being grateful for the experience.’ ‘[Ms. Denham] is a beautiful person!’ How do you beat she “is a beautiful person” as a comment? I’ll beat that by saying not only is she a beautiful person with a positive and giving spirit, but Pamela is knowledgeable about all things marketing. Whether you need a consultant and practitioner to market your image or your brand, she can assist you with the best practices and her expertise on the latest trends. Although she has so graciously volunteered her time here in the College, please know, if you are serious about your business goals, from what I have experienced of her extensive knowledge and value-added personable demeanor — this lady is worth every penny! Take my word for it.”

Sarah Effio, Senior Marketing Student
University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama

“I would like to thank you for being a guest speaker in my class today, it was a pleasure. I learned a great deal and will use the information in my everyday life. I like what you said about being responsive and the way you talked about looking at situations from someone else’s perspective rather than my own … You are an exceptional motivator and you kept the whole class interesting.”

R. Gary Browning – Founder, Discovery Group, Inc.

“Speaking from a deep reservoir of encouraging truths she has discovered and practiced in her personal and professional life, Pam Denham offers reliable words of hope to everyone no matter their circumstances or station in life. She brightens every context and leaves each group member pondering her thought-provoking insights. They are smiling and saying ‘thank you’ as they go out to face life’s challenges and opportunities! Thank YOU, Pam, for your deposit of life!”

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